2008-09 ~ 2012-07 Xian Peihua University English Junior College

Target Jobs: Project Management、 Sales & CS、 SQA


2013-03 ~ 2013-05 China Wisdom PMP PMP training certification

2007-11 ~ 2007-12 Walton printing co., LTD., Training internal auditors---Training courses

2006-08 ~ 2006-09 xian foreign affairs college strengthening human resources management ---training courses

2006-06 ~ 2006-07 Xian finance and economics institute marking promotion training---training course

Self Assessment:

First, work carefully, positively and earnestly, have strong responsibility for work and can complete the task on time;

Second, have strong learning capability, can unceasingly study the new electron technology and have creativity ;

Third, am self-confident, have the ideal, can persevere in work and don’t pursue an impractical goal ;

Forth, can endure hardship, unite the colleague, obey the leadership request and have the good team cooperation spirit.

Project Experience

一、Bluetooth mono headset series:Nokia:scallop,squid,chabao;HTC:bliss (2011-01 ~ 2012-07)

Job Title: PM

Project Description: Responsible for the follow up Nokia and HTC two big customer's new module development ,From RFQ to final production until after-sales service .

Mainly responsible for project bluetooth headset, project name (Nokia: scallop, squid, chabao, HTC: bliss) all above projects after the project team and customer good coordinated and right now they all in normal production and market sales better than expected effect.

Responsibility: 1. Responsible for the customer file material preparation and submission of quotation integrated research personnel all information for open case offer to do the most adequate preparation

2. Offer trial and to improve the success rate for quotation and prepare backup plan and TL summarize each research and development group of the main problems and provide feasible solutions

3. According to customer needs make elaborate research and development and the production schedule and production schedule for internal discussion to the efficiency of the development process

4. Research and development stage of the preparation and the follow-up work is finished product development stage all the necessary report data preparation and later submit (EV - DV - PV - LV - MP)

5. Responsible for the overall development project each research personnel team resource integration and gather the whole work report

6. Production after complete the project development in the process of trial-produce experience lessons learned

7. To the quality problem of the after-sales service and follow up

Special Skills

Professional Title: Computer skills

Computer Level: national computer exam. grade 4

Computer Skills: Computer basic WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT office of software, especially in skilled practitioners to manage the production of courseware during the co-ordination have some experience, and skilled use of the company's ORECL, PLM, SAP, MS OUTLOOK, LUTE NOTES and other commonly used systems.

Strengths: 1. For the electronic OEM OEM, ODM industry, project management, especially with the RD NPI projects and other work processes to develop into a very skilled and has a long experience, and can be adjusted according to actual work for the degree of difficulty of the project reasonable working arrangements.

2. In human resources with training experience, especially for corporate candidates, keep people, educating p

eople, a profound understanding of the deployment of employees, which will soon make their own team to work with core strength while for the smooth conduct of the human enterprise Cost is also a very effective use.

3. In marketing has also had professional training experience and insight to the strong market conditions, based on time in the company or other specific issues the project implementation will have sufficient resources in favor of reference to make the right judgments to ensure that focus does not will be deviated from.

4. Engaged in a customer service has accumulated a wealth of experience to understand customer needs, with the most cost-effective way to make customers satisfied at the same time allows the company to pay a minimum investment. Customers benefit first, but the company is maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of top priority, and in the office served as the printing industry, while responsible for the QE handling customer complaints and 35 cases of customer complaints well done well done at the same time has also been praise for the guests.

5. I was working as a quality of the quality of the company documents such as quality management system, management system, environmental management system are all very familiar.

6. And the skilled use of the company's ORACLE, PLM, SAP MS OUTLOOK, LUTE NOTES and other commonly used systems.

Language Skills

Chinese: Good Cantonese: General

English Level: Majored in English CET-4 CET-6 PETS-3 Spoken Good

Japanese: General

Career Direction: Proficient in the electronic telecommunication product development entire process, I am Quite familiar electronic products from project kick off to mass production the whole process, responsible for product project management, follow up trial-produce; Lead project team according to customer or their own product positioning and development requirements and regulations and given the schedule of new product development running smoothly to mass production; According to project plan tracking and report project progress and problems;Prepare and control project budget; Prediction and control project risk; Research and development team internal communication, and customer, market, procurement, communication, Quantity postpartum production abnormal assist maintenance etc.

1.About EMS especially for OEM, ODM industry project management especially NPI project fit RD development such as import working process very skilled and have a long work experience.

Requirements: 2. Engaged in is customer service has accumulated rich experience to understand customer needs, with the most economic and effective way to make the guest satisfaction, at the same time and allow companies pay a minimum of the devotion. Guest benefit first but the company integrity and efficiency maintenance is top priority.

3. And skillfully use company ORACLE, PLM, SAP MS OUTLOOK, LUTE NOTES OA system.

Self Assessment: Has a strong sense of responsibility and optimism, I enjoy reading, making friends, and outings. Hope you wise for my vision to provide a platform to showcase themselves to fully realize my potential to create wealth for your company, and continuously improve the self- . honest, reliable, quick thinking, good group spirit of cooperation and communication; a positive, optimistic and bold pioneering spirit. Good telephone communication skills, proactive and has a good sense of service, with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, office software. able to familiarize themselves with the operation of the process product quickly established good relationships inside and outside the company, determined the long-term, challenge themselves, and I firmly believe that my super power and executive power is subject to you and your The company chose my key. also very grateful for your appreciation!


Outstanding research and development team model 2012-06-08

yearly outstanding representatives 2010-12-17


Graduate certificate 2007-07-05

PMP Training Certificate 2013-04-21

PETS - 3 2006-09-17

CET-4 2006-06-17

CET-6 2006-12-17

computer grade certificate 2006-09-17