resume writing in the digital age

resume writing in the digital agewriting an eye-catching resume is becoming increasingly difficult as automated search agents increasingly replace the eyes of recruiters. as automation advances, your resume will be read by more computers and fewer people. as a result, using the appropriate key words and proper formatting are critical to securing an interview.the advantage of all the new technology is that you can easily and quickly submit a resume to a wide range of employers.

follow these steps:your name and address, including e-mail, should appear on the the experience and achievements section, your employers name, your title, and the dates of employment should be clearly displayed. start with your most recent position. choosing the appropriate keywords to describe your experience will increase the likelihood of your resume landing on the screen of the recruiters desktop. scan the ads posted on this site and note the language they use to describe the detail of the responsibilities and requirements. 

do these words and phrases appear on your resume? you need to think like a the education section, be sure to include your schools name, your degree or certificate, and your date of graduation. in addition, include any memberships in professional associations or organizations; recruiters sometimes list these organizations as variables in their not include a references tagline, personal data (i.e. birthday, marital status), or hobbies.your resume should be one or two pages in length. when submitting a paper copy, include your name on the top of the second page. 

always use a second sheet of paper if your resume is longer than one page.use non-decorative fonts on your resume. scanners are more accurate with clear distinct characters.a font size of 10-14 is ideal, stick with these sizes.use white space to make your experiences stand out. make it easier for the recruiter to follow your professional career.follow these steps and youll be closer to getting the job!